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Gaia Condominium

Development in partnership with TECVERDE Engineering, where were created some types of single-family homes to be implanted in a condominium in Campo Magro, metropolitan region of Curitiba. The very uneven topography was the main factor in the design of these residential units, with vertical differences of up to 10 meters in the same lot. As a base, four models of residence were designed, which have expandable areas due to the modular construction system with wood frame. Each model, A or B, has two variations: ground floor+top floor or ground floor+lowergroundfloor. The ground floor is fixed and beholds both social environments and garage. The floor amending the typology of the unit is the one that contains the dorms and intimate environments, which can happen either on or under the ground level. There is still variations in these models, such as tectonic finishing materials to be used and flat roof or traditional roof. The shape of the whole thing stands for unity and regularity of the composition, without abandoning the vicissitudes of a collective environment.

Land area: 106,322.00 m²
Total area: 170,00 m² to 270,00 m² to
Location: Campo Magro - PR
Date of Project: 2011
Work: in project