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Vivaldi Building

Project conducted in partnership with Espaço Plenitude Arquitetura beholds 15 floors with only one unit each, with 295.00 m². The main goal of this project is to connect the enlargement concept with the collective housing concept, which has become increasingly short in the housing market in urban centers. Most of the building happens through the longitudinal axis due to the construction constraints in the central zone, allowing, that way, the expansion of the ventilated surfaces and increasing the number of enlightened openings. The building’s esthetic result incorporates a variety of composition elements like the curves of the balconies, circular openings, a curved metal roof top and the long straight volume of the vertical circulation. The whole volume is dynamic, cohesive between the segments, well defined, and integrated into the immediate surroundings.

Land area: 867.16 m²
Total area: 6525.00 m²
Location: Pato Branco - PR
Project Date: 2008
Work: Under Construction