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Residential Building

Project developed with GUSTAVO PINTO ARCHITECTURE for upscale residential development located in Brasílio Itiberê Street, in the Água Verde neighborhood. The design came from the tower's locations, five on total, where they can have the best access and best insolation for the apartments. The set has two types of apartments: Type A, with 76 m², and type B, with 65 m². The shape is innovative because it treats model based designs so that they are displaced and not exactly overlap. This feature gives the volumetric an interesting visual effect and optimize the constructed area. On the ground floor is where are the social environments, such as lounge and recreation rooms, and there are also some apartments.

Land area: 3786.00 m²
Area: 18939.40 m²
Location: Curitiba - PR
Date of Project: 2011