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Box House

Design for single-family residence set in a closed residential complex on a rugged terrain with an approximately 6 meters difference. The rooms are arranged in three levels: the ground floor, where's located the garage with two parking spots, the intermediate pavement, whereare both social and cleaning environments, and upstairs are three suites and a family room. The simple volumetric composition is a result of the construction process in wood frame, angled, with a recoil on the frontal facade that ends at one of the suite's bathroom window. Over the garage there is a balcony with access by a side terrace. In the intermediate floor, the environments are connected and have a glazing closure, with a view for the inner patio's yard and deck for tables.

Land area: 319.83 m²
Total area: 269,00 m²
Location: Curitiba - PR
Date of Project: 2011
Work: In construction process