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Science Florest SENAI

From time to time, some concepts act more strongly the daily life of humanity. In the late eighteenth century, machines and their advances were the coqueluxe of the moment. The digital age and computers have revolutionized the way of living in the late twentieth century. Today, twenty-first century, sustainability consists a large part of human activities. In this context, the Forest / Park of Science and Technology comes to show the awakening of ecological consciousness of man and the technologies developed so we can live in greater harmony with nature. The complex will consist of 5 thematic interactive stations, implanted in order not to cut any tree of the location. The stations were designed, from the shape until the the way the permanent exhibition occurs, exploring the concept of insect pupae, in which occurs a holometamorfose. Being a new concept, sustainability is still applied fairly superficial. Therefore, the stations seek to show the most efficient way to apply it in the routine activities of the man. Thus, the visitor enters the season with an idea that can be secular, not very consistent about it and from the visitation, transform, expand and deepen your knowledge.

The implantation occurs in a fluid manner, fitting to the slope of the place, settling along the different quotas of the field level. The stations are elevated from the ground by slender cylindrical steel pillars, allowing the growth and development of animal and plant species that live there. The resulting shape is rolling out the architecture and accommodation among the trees of the site, respecting the space and forest occupying the gap between the trees. The result is a set of amorphous constructions that in analogy to cocoons, enables a fully integrated way between the environment and built space. In this proposal, there is no need to cut any of the existing trees.

The proposed building system is a mix of metal structure and WoodFrame. The outer jacket is made of asphalt tiles, while internally it uses vinyl flooring, special painted walls for projections and acoustic ceiling.