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Sinuelo Hotel

Renovation project of a hotel in the city of Jaguarão, in the countryside Rio Grande do Sul state. The intervention site is close to a major city reference, Ponte Maua, and is on the perimeter of the central square of the city. The concept aimed at integrating the new building with the old building, preserving its main tectonic features. The current program emerged from the need to expand the number of beds in the hotel and also the creation of a space for conventions and events, with own parking. The new building is implanted in the posterior area of the old building, forming an axis of movement between the streets tangent set. The volumetric hierarchy starts from the rotation of the volume of convention space, the center of the building, where the meeting rooms, auditorium and a large compartment are located, intensifies the visual permeability.

Land area: 2190.00 m²
Total area: 3090.00 m²
Location: Jaguarão - RS
Date of Project: 2010
Work: Not built